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We're using Conf 2.8 and Builder 3.0.1. I'd like to set up the Conf 2.8 Default theme as a Builder theme so we can use Builder to manage space layouts, with all the nifty layout management tools.

But the Builder Default theme is an older Confluence layout. How can I get a default theme based on the Confluence 2.8 layout? Thanks.

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  1. Unknown User (erutanlive)

    you won't be able to edit confluence themes in builder, just like you said manage them in the sense of applying them to a space or not.

    it's something i was curious about as well - the 2.8 styling shows up in the admin panel but not in normal spaces set to builder default.

    1. Since version 1.4 Builder has elected not to theme the admin spaces since builder can easily allow you to mess-up your layout to such an extent that the admin interface might become unusable and prevent you from undoing your mistakes.

      Somewhere along the line atlassian caught onto this point and decided to remove the ability to theme the admin screens ... this is why you are not seeing builder in the admin panel.

  2. Unknown User (scayla)

    Using Theme Builder with confluence-2.10.2, I was wondering how it could be possible to recover the default theme applied to confluence. When enabling theme builder, I don't seem to be able to reuse the default theme within confluence for some particular spaces.


    1. Unfortunatley that is a limitation of confluence ... it wont allow you to select the confluence theme in a space when the global theme is not the confluence theme.

      Assuming Builder 3.3.3+ then the closest you can come to this is to use the 'Import Default Layouts' tool in the Builder Administration interface to install the inbuilt CONFLUENCE210 builder layout, which although not quite the same as the atlassian interface, is pretty close.