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I know not everyone is on 2.8, but is there a way to get the new 2.8 UI menus in the title bar of my theme? Has anyone accomplished this or is there a plan to make a 2.8 default theme?

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  1. Unknown User (gfraser)

    We've been working on that very feature for Theme Builder 3.2.0 - you'll be able to embed any of the standard menus (smile) We'll be providing more details just after the new version is released.

    We're also planning on creating a standard set of themes - eg. all of the standard themes that come with Confluence, but done using Theme Builder so you can edit them. We've actually been planning to do this for a long time - Theme Builder 3.2.0 allows us to do it with the new UI stuff.

    1. Unknown User (

      That sounds awesome! Do you have a target date for 3.2.0?

      1. Unknown User (erutanlive)

        Ok it's out and I can pull out the personal menu as a list, but how do i get it in the drop down menu? I gave a quick stab with


        But no dice - i assume it's a case of differing structure/classes from the dynarch system...

        1. Unknown macro: {menubar}
          Unknown macro: {wikimenu}
          Unknown macro: {webui-list}
          1. Unknown User (erutanlive)

            Yeah, wikimenu would do it.

            Always feel like I'm one step behind. (wink)

            1. hehe ... a brief explanation of WHY this works is probably in order.

              The menubar/menu/submenu/etc macros expect to recieve a list of <li> entries without a <ul> or <ol> wrapping them, the wikimenu macro srtips off the outer <ul> and returns the contents, which allows the menubar macro to wrap the list items in it's own <ul> and dump them out in the correct format for the js to pick them up and use them.

              We chose not to do this automatically since doing so would mean each menuitem performing a regex that would only be needed in a the minority of cases .. hence the wikimenu macro.

              Basicalli .. if it generates a list that can be displayed on the screen then it is likely to need a wikimenu macro wrapping it (eg the children macro)

        2. Unknown User (

          where did you come up with



          Is there some documentation that I've overlooked? I'm looking for a way to add the "Add" and "Tools" menus.

          1. Unknown User (erutanlive)

            it's new to 3.2 and undocumented at this point.

            I'd recommend just using the (webui-list) macro - look at the output and you can pick a location on it to use as a starting point... it's what I did. (smile)

            1. Heh, webui-list has been about for a while .. it started out as a test tool to try and work out what is going wrong with the web content manager when you call it out of context (eg requesting links while viewing a global page)

              So you should find copies of webui-list in various forms all the way back to 3.1.x ... not that they are much use without the location parameter, also the web content manager in pre 2.8 is so broken as to make webui-list useless on those platforms anyway!

              As Carl says, your best bet is to dump a {webui-list} macro onto your page, take a look at the html it generates and pull the location from the classnames added to the list items, you can then use the location= parameter to just dump out that one location.

              There is also an icon=true/false flag with will use the icons that have been defined for the webui link (if one has been defined) as the icon in the menu.

              1. Unknown User (samplonius)

                I've been looking at the webui-list for the location of the tools menu's history section to add to my menu and can't seem to find it. I tried the sample in Jessica's markup but it's not working for there an easy way to add this to the menu?

                1. I'd strongly reccomed upgrading to 3.3.0 available from the Early access programme page, since that adds the new custom menulink aliases code that has been waiting in the wings for a while ... it makes short work of linking to any plugin's functionality, including that contained by the confluence menus (wink)

                  1. Unknown User (samplonius)

                    Awesome. Love that custom menulink aliases code. Added items from tools menu with no issues. Thanks!

    2. Unknown User (

      Now that 3.2.0 has been our for a while, I've looked for documentation on embedding the Confluence standard menus, but I haven't found anything. Any updates? A new plugin I'm looking at adds items to the "Tools" menu, but since I don't have a Tools menu, it's sort of useless for me.

      1. Unknown User (jessicaking)

        Guy Fraser on Jul 11, 2008 13:47
        We've been working on that very feature for Theme Builder 3.2.0 - you'll be able to embed any of the standard menus We'll be providing more details just after the new version is released.

        Any updates on this?

        1. Unknown User (erutanlive)

          just use the


          on a page (or preview) and it will generate a giant list.

          put with whatever works for you after the location. e.g. system.user has the contents of the atlassian system user menu after it.

          i haven't checked, but you might need

          1. Unknown User (

            That didn't give me what I was looking for, so I ended up just creating a macro to put everything together. What I was looking for is something that would embed the Add and Tools menus from the Confluence 2.8 title bar (example here).

            The problem with using the webui generated menus is that I got link text like

            • Import Word UI on drop down menu
            • View Info Link
            • View Source Link
            • PDF Export Link
            • Word Export Link
            and the text I expected was

            • Import from Word
            • Info
            • View Wiki markup
            • Export to PDF
            • Export to Word

            Subtle differences, I know, but the generated text isn't user friendly and seems unprofessional to me. Having "Link" in the link text is a little redundant.

            So, here's what I came up with. It's not exactly what I wanted, but it gets the job done.

             {compound-menuitem:pageattachments|icon=document_attachment|caption=Attachments (%count%)}
             {compound-menuitem:information|icon=document_info|caption=Page Info}
             {compound-menuitem:webui|location=system.content.action/secondary|key=view-source|icon=document_text|caption=View Wiki Markup}
              {compound-menuitem:exportPDF|icon=pdf|caption=Export to PDF}
              {compound-menuitem:exportWord|icon=word|caption=Export to Word}

            I need to play around with the CSS to get it looking the way I want, but at least this is a start.

            1. That text is taken from the description of the link, defined by the author of the link.

              The description was used since it seems to be populated with uasble namings more often than the title.

  2. Unknown User (hboer1965)

    anyone who knows what the key is for the Zip upload (plugin) menuitem?
    I tried

    {compound-menuitem:webui|location=system.content.action/primary|key=batch-upload|caption=Zip upload}

    with a number of alternatives (ZipUpload, Zip upload, etc), without success so far.
    Same for the watch page family plugin - which I cannot find in the {webui-list}...

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Unknown User (

      Herman -

      Try this:

      {compound-menuitem:webui|location=system.content.action/primary|key=batchupload.webitem.menuitem|icon=package|caption=Zip Upload}
      1. Unknown User (hboer1965)

        This works well, thanks a lot Jessica!
        Did I overlook the documentation?

        1. Unknown User (

          No, I don't think you did. I haven't found a good way to determine those keys other than looking at the generated html for a page containing the link you want. I happened to know that one because I have a link on my toolbar as well.

          1. One way to work out the location and key is to use the webui-list macro and look at the html it generates (it adds the location & key as a css class).

            Another is to use the Menulink Aliases Tab which allows you to select the links by plugin name & link title, this is probably going to be your best path going forward since it allows you to use named references to the functionality and adjust the target as/when atlassian update the location & key of the webui item.

            1. Unknown User (

              Thanks, Alain. I had forgotten about the webui-list macro. I'll definitely check out the Menulink Aliases Tab as well.

            2. Unknown User (hboer1965)

              Thanks, Alain.