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Since using Confluence 2.8 and Themebuilder 3.1.x we are getting problems with the new collapseable comments. They are displaying fine in firefox but completly unusable in IE7.

They are working finr without Themebuilder installed but not with it.

Any Idee? I would even get rid of it if i knew how. But the "builder-comments" macro seem to automaticly use the collapseable comments

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  1. Unknown User (

    That seems to be correct, any replies on this yet?

    1. Unknown User (gfraser)

      The latest release (3.1.4) of Theme Builder should resolve this issue.

  2. Unknown User (

    Funny I am seeing the same sort of thing with IE 7 and theme builder 3.3.3-conf210 running on confluence 2.10.3.

    All the comments are smushed together on a page and the comment editor does not display. This only happens in any space that has the theme builder theme applied.

  3. Unknown User (robert.cottingham)

    I had the same issue. But, 3.3.4-M5-conf210 fixed it up for me.

  4. Unknown User (ryandussiaume)

    3.3.4-M7-conf210 fixed this for me as well but there are other layout issues with IE in the M7 so I was forced to go back to 3.3.3

    Does anyone know of a temporary work around for this in 3.3.3? For example, is there some CSS that I could add to the IE CSS section that will fix this?

    1. Unknown User (

      I got this to work by modifying the layout of the footnotes panel, and making the size (height and width) set to auto. The height on ours was set to custom, as soon as I changed it to auto, the comments no longer were smushed together in IE7.

      Hope that helps.

      1. Unknown User (ryandussiaume)

        That worked perfectly, thanks!

    2. What other issues are you seeing in IE? ... the RTE being pushed to the side has been resolved for M8, I'm looking at the problem with the spaces list on the dashboard, however I'm not aware of any other issues ... if you can point them out to me then that would be most helpful.

      TY, Alain

      1. Unknown User (ryandussiaume)

        The right side of the Content panel was getting cut off (not only in edit mode). That might be the same issue as the RTE.

        There were some other issues but I didn't have time to look into specifically what was happening. If I get some time in the next few weeks I'll reinstall the latest 3.3.4 and take a closer look and let you know.

        By the way, these are issues with IE8 running in compatibility mode.

        1. Hmm, no that sounds like a different problem .. possibly related to your layout data. (can you reproduce it in the DEFAULT layout?)

          I had a similar problem recently where the padding on the content area was causing the RHS to be cropped off, I found that setting the wiki-content div to 100% helped:

          .wiki-content {

          If we could only charge MS back for all the time we waste in trying to get stuff working in their pants browser, we would all be rich and little Billy would be destitute!!!