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I would appreciate help that will let me set up builder show/hide based on the following parameters:

  1. Whether the user is or is not a space watcher.
  2. Whether the user is or is not watching the current page
  3. Whether the page is a forum, i.e. has the {forum} macro, or is the child of a forum page

Are there conditional parameters I can use? If not, could they be developed in future TB?




  1. Unknown User (gfraser)

    You can't currently toggle based on watch status, but there are macros in Bubbles plugin for showing/hiding stuff based on whether the page is a forum or topic. See bubbles-show macro and bubbles-hide macro

    1. Unknown User (tewolff)

      Toggling based on watch status would be a nice addition to the TB functionality.

      I have been using builder show and hide using label=forum. It works ok as long as I remember to add the forum label. I just tried bubbles-show as follows and it didn't work.

          {compound-menuitem:webui|location=system.content.action/marker|key=addPageFamilyNotificationMenuItem|icon=|caption=Watch This _Forum}
          {compound-menuitem:wikipage|space=PIUG|page=QRG - Watching Spaces, Forums, and Pages|icon=help2|caption=Help on _Watching Spaces, Forums, and Pages}

      The "Watch This Forum" menu item was displaying on pages that were not forum pages, such as space home pages. The second menu item displayed all the time.

      What am I doing wrong?