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Builder 4.2.1 provides Confluence 3.5 compatibility, bug fixes, and XSS security fixes

Who should upgrade?

We recommend that all users of Confluence 3.3+, 3.4+, 3.5+ and Theme Builder 4.2+ should upgrade to this release.


  • Confluence 3.5 support
  • Security fix for XSS flaws in debug comments, loopback actions, and menulink macro
  • Converted to a version 2 plugin
  • Path fix for editinword.vm
  • Fix added of flags to body class attr - including support for user & session flags
  • Deprecated {builder-welcome-message} - uses {welcome-message} internally
  • Fixed user popups
  • Tidy up of theme template inline with Confluence 3.4
  • Support string replacement in {create-child} macro
  • Overhaul string replacement for menulink/menuitem/create-child macros
  • Added flag param support to {create-child}
  • Added 'once' param to {create-child}
  • Fixed date formatting in string replacements
  • Prevent {create-child} from attempting to create pages when not run from a real wiki page
  • Fix startPage parameter name case when set from the macro browser
  • Fixes for problems with choose layout when a slow auth mechanism is used
  • Fixed "Set Parent Space" action in Space Admin
  • Fixed labels autocomplete popup
  • No labels

1 Comment

  1. Unknown User (macandron)

    Hi, spotted a bug in this release. Didn't know where else to file it, so I created an issue here: SALES-396