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Builder 4.2.0 provides Confluence 3.4 compatibility, removal of DWR, and many bug fixes

Who should upgrade?

We recommend that all users of Confluence 3.3+, 3.4+ and Theme Builder 4.1+ should upgrade to this release.


  • Confluence 3.4 support
  • Removed all use of DWR (including Manage Layouts and PageTree2)
  • Only actual changes are submitted from Manage Layouts now - so you are less likely to conflict with anyone else working on the same layout
  • Resources are now copied when a layout is duplicated in the layout manager
  • Ensure default layout is cached
  • Updated moveto and movetarget help pages
  • Link help icon in all Theme Builder admin pages to the Theme Builder docs and removed 'Online User Guide' link from the sidebar
  • Show space admin sidebar when in Theme Builder space admin pages
  • Made breadcrumb trail consistent in all Theme Builder admin & space admin pages
  • Fix date in tooltip when hover over a comment date
  • Close gap above breadcrumbs in IE8
  • Improve error reporting in Manage Layouts
  • Fixed css/urls for the empty image value (background-image: none rather than url(.png))
  • Relaxed admin link (web-item) display permissions from system admin to confluence admin
  • Fixed missing quick search text
  • Fixed macro browser dialog positioning in IE
  • Fixed themeadmin destination in menulink macro
  • Updated mail.vmd date formatting to match the default confluence mail.vmd
  • Don't link to builder admin pages if user is not an admin
  • Removed old Builder Admin UI
  • Complete i18n coverage in new Builder Admin pages
  • Fixed display of 'Teams' criteria when filtered
  • Allow space admins to create children of the DEFAULT layout
  • Fixed Page Restrictions dialog
  • Fix to ensure admin sees all spaces in the Manage Spaces table
  • Fixed links to Manage Layouts and Manage Spaces from the layout chooser.
  • Fixed space reordering in Space Admin > Set Parent Space
  • Prevent row cells from wrapping in Manage Spaces when zooming in/out in Chrome
  • Prevent login page from loading into Manage Layouts tabs when not logged in
  • Fixed 'Switchable Layouts' token list builder in Manage Layouts

Changes since RC3

For those of you who have been following the Early Access 4.2 release, this is what's changed since the RC3 release:

  • Updated the CodeMirror text editor - used for editing of CSS, JS, HTML and resources in the Layout Manager.
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