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Builder 4.10 provides Confluence 3.3 compatibility & stronger integration with nested spaces


  • Fix CCE in watch-menu when viewing space level pages
  • Fix NPE in sorted-children when space's parent cant be found
  • Fix sorting of root nodes in pagetree2
  • Allow move-to macro to perform the move on the server side
  • Add the move-target macro to assist move-to in performing the move on the server side
  • Update notation guide description for sorted-children
  • Remove comment body from trim-comments notifications
  • Allow layout resources to be renamed
  • Clear css caches when setting the parent space
  • Ensure labels checks fail when not viewing a page/blogpost
  • Allow %count% replacements when the body is empty
  • Add
  • Remove atl_token from tinyurl, history & custom menulinks
  • Clean up the resources tab
  • Ensure @root page is found when viewing pages at the root level
  • Add fav-menu & watch-menu menulinks & update macros to use them
  • Add logging to make it easier to determine which panel & layout is causing an exception
  • Allow blog- macros to list posts by username, groupname, @self, @owner & @creator
  • Allow confluence colour schemes to be inherited by child spaces
  • Add 'session' & 'user' flag types
  • Prevent 'wikipage' menulinks throwing an exception when the page does not exist
  • Prevent sorted-childen from throwing an exception when the page has no children
  • Prevent trimcomments from generating an email storm by generating a single 'digest' email instead of individual removal messages
  • Improve class= parameter on {sorted-children}
  • Add switches for page & space siblings for {sorted-children}
  • Add countParent switches to {sorted-children}
  • Fix manage-layouts condition class
  • Ensure space hierarchy is fully rebuilt
  • Make sorted-children display the space hierarchy when used with @dashboard mode
  • Make sorted-children display the parent page & space siblings (but not their children)
  • Use the correct i18n key for choose-layout
  • Add support for @children spaces in blog- macros
  • Move .getText to BuilderUtils
  • fix import macro notation guide's use of the layout::resource.ext descriptor
  • Allow the spaces displayed by sorted-children & list-spaces to be manually sorted.
  • Basic confluence 3.3 compatibility
  • No labels