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  • Compatible with Confluence 2.9
  • Bug fixes for Confluence 2.8:
    • User profile tabs now work correctly in Confluence 2.8.
    • Confluence 2.8 comments display correctly in IE.
    • Updated the breadcrumb parsing routines to work with 2.8 breadcrumbs.
  • HTML changes:
    • Space key is now included as a class on the body tag, eg. class="spacekey-WHATEVER"
    • HTML IDs are now prefixed with "atb-" to avoid conflicts with Confluence's HTML IDs both present and future.
  • General Updates:
    • PNG versions of icons for PDF and Word are now provided.
    • Users can now switch back to the 'default' layout for that space (eg. after latching an alternate layout) without specifying the ID of the spaces' default layout.
    • Plings (!s) can now be used when specifying background images for panels.
    • A new "asuser" parameter has been added to the builder-show macro and builder-hide macro to make it easier to test the output of the macros when used in combination with the permission filtering parameters
    • The "viewattachments" link location now allows linking to attachments so users can conveniently download them without the requirement to have permission to add attachments.
    • Icons can now be forced to display using the "forceicon" paramater (eg. if you have disabled menu icons in the Options tab)
    • Known errors in the "Powered By" links have been fixed.
  • Third-party Plugin Support:
    • Added support for the Label Manager plugin.


This is a recommended upgrade if:

  • you are upgrading to Confluence 2.9.0
  • you experienced minor display glitches in Confluence 2.8
  • you use the Label Manager plugin

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