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Builder 3.0.0 Release Notes


  • Centrally defined, reusable layouts
  • Layout inheritance - define a master layout and inherit it's settings in child layouts
  • Layout defaulting - set the default layout to use for global and personal spaces
  • Faster menu generation - 3 times faster with the compound-menuitem macro
  • Full clustering support
  • Fully cacheable resources
  • Bulk Space updates - quickly apply layouts to multiple spaces
  • DWR pagetree
  • Page level layout selection
  • Layout switching - allow users to choose a different layout for their session
  • Extended show/hide macros - new features include permissions checking, enhanced metadata support, etc.
  • Confluence Colour Scheme support
  • Configurable search engine optimisation
  • HTML caching controls
  • Fully customisable print layouts
  • Customisable JavaScript per layout
  • Improved support for panel background images
  • Granular layout permissions - eg. who can use, who can edit, etc.
  • Customisable Dashboard
  • Automatic time-limited demonstration mode
  • Free for use on any non-commercial, non-academic confluence server


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