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First i want to apologize my awful english.

Second i need a help to put a image background using the "layout editor".

i tried every way I found, but the selected image wont appear.

I upload the image to the "resource" of confluence, and them i choose it in layout editor:


Theme builder mark the file, but it wont appear theme builder selects (header, menu, content, side bar, etc.)

Could anyone help me out?

Tnx a lot.

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  1. Unknown User (mokorongo)

    I found a easy way to put image background, but i dont know if it´s right.


    Layout editor, choose "resources"

    Upload the image file, them use download to copy the exact url, wich will appear in a new tab.

    Paste this adress on the >Style>background>image>"url" (image "box").

    And its done.