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Theme Builder Plugin Version: 3.3.3-conf210

Dear all,

Has anyone noticed too that you cannot expand (arrow icon) the file list in the attachments view so we're currently unable to see documents' revisions.


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  1. Unknown User (scayla)

    Hi Mike,

    I have the same problem as yours.
    There is a tracking ticket opened here
    This should be fixed really soon.



  2. Unknown User (robert.cottingham)

    I am also having this problem. But, we have a work-around until it gets fixed. If you put the attachments macro on the page with the old parameter set to true (e.g. {attachments:upload=true|old=true}), the version selector works there (just not on the Attachments page).

  3. Unknown User (

    The problem here is the toggle(id) function in the themebuilder file \resources\builder\js\atlassian.js doesn't work correctly.

    You need to replace this function with the toggle(id) function out of the file


    It won't look as pretty as with the ThemeBuilder version but it will work.



    1. this is caused by a bug in builder that 3.3.4 should resolve

  4. Unknown User (gfraser)

    On a related note, for tips on how to tart up the attachments macro and the page attachments screen, see recent blog post: Fixing the attachments screen layout.

  5. Unknown User (ryandussiaume)

    Versions will work on any attachments page if you add this wiki markup at the bottom of the theme builder Title panel...