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Hi Alain,

I have two kind of menus (dropdown menus) and I have to apply a different skin on each menu. I wonder if it's possible (as an improvement) to add a class to the div dynarch-popup-menu which would correspond to the menu I add with the

Unknown macro: {menu}

macro. Please don't tell me to pay for it, I clearly know the new rules. I don't really need this fuctionnality as I'm accessing the menu by jquery to add a class manually (and then skin it), but it's fastidious and not really maintenable (adding a new dropdown menu makes me modify the whole jquery code to make everything work). This could be considered, if useful, as an improvement for the

macro I guess.

Thanks a lot

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  1. check out the class= and subClass= parameters on menu/submenu/sub-submenu/menuitem/compound-menuitem

    You can find an example of this here:

    1. Unknown User (scayla)

      Wow, never seen this page before. Huge !
      Sorry for opening a useless topic, everything I is in the page, and I'll have to remove most of my jquery code.

      Thanks Alain (smile)