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We're considering switching our SAAS company to Jira and Confluence. We'd like to be able to buy Confluence for just our 23 employees but still be able to use the Community Bubble plugin to provide a forum for our 1500 customers. It appears that in order to use the forum you need to be a true Confluence user. Is that correct, or is there some kind of "virtual" user access to the forum that we could offer our customers?

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  1. Unknown User (gfraser)

    You could enable anonymous comment posting but then you'll get flooded with spam. (sad)

    1. You would also need to enable anonymous page creation, so that people could create new topics.

      You could enable captcha to 'prevent' the spam, however the captcha included with confluence is not all that strong & you would quickly be inundated with nike shoes, gold watches and viagra (heh, sounds like a rapper's convention)

      Besides, what use is a forum where everyone is anonymous?

      1. Unknown User (gfraser)

        I think what Peter is asking for is a forum where anon users (from Confluence perspective) can post topics and comments but only if they've been authenticated via their twitter or facebook account, etc.

        This would mean that all users have to be verified, at least to a social network account, before posting, but as far as Confluence would be concerned they would not be registered users and thus the Confluence license could be a 25 user one instead of a 2000 user one which costs significantly more.

        It would be possible to write a plugin that enabled that kind of interaction, however there are some downsides such as the fact that only registered users currently get email notifications (eg. when a reply is posted). Thus to implement a plugin to facilitate the desired functionality it would actually have to deal with lots of non-obvious things (the devil is in the detail) and probably cost more than the Confluence license to develop.

        Another option is to use a service such as - much cheaper alternative and seems to do exactly what Peter wants.

        1. You could post updates to a user's facebook account through the graph api, however I would be concerned that this functionality might be a breach of the EULA. It's almost certainly a breach of the spirit of the EULA and would require written approval from atlassian before being coded.

  2. Unknown User (peterock)

    Thanks Guy and Alain for your thoughts! I don't know if our users are typically facebook adopters, but the Get Satisfaction solution looks quite attractive. I like that they offer dynamic knowlege base recomendations as a person posts to a forum. Has anyone successfully integrated Get Satisfaction with the Community Bubbles Plugin?