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Hi, we're interested in using the {forum} macro to create a space for artists at our company to look at and critique each others' work. This is obviously very image-intensive.

Is it possible to have a thumbnail image appear in the topic summary, and to throttle the number of images used in a topic summary? Currently it seems like it's only possible to show full-scale images (using fullComment=true), but then the topic summary shows ALL the topic's images. With large images this very, very quickly turns the topic summary into an unreadable mess.

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  1. Install the content formatting macros and then add the following code to the page containing the forum macro:

    .forum img {
    1. Unknown User (courtney.m.evans)

      very cool, thanks! Out of curiosity, is there any way to restrict the topic summary to have only the latest image? There's kind of a catch 22 right now, in order for images to show up I have to use fullComment=true, but then it shows the whole comment and all the images in it, which still makes for long topic summaries even with the smaller images.

  2. No ... that kind of thing would require a specialist plugin, if you are interested in that kind of thing then our rates are very reasonable (wink)