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The topic activity score gives an indication of how active a forum topic is by keeping a count of the number of page edits and and comments and how recently the last update to a page was made. This functionality is available from the Community Bubbles 1.3 release.

The activity score for each topic is stored in the search index allowing forums to be sorted by their most active topics. The activity score will be recalculated each time a page is updated as part of the normal Confluence indexing process. To reduce the activity score based on content aging a internal Confluence job is used to re-index each page after a set interval (currently 10 mins).

Activity Score Configuration

When the Bubbles plugin is first installed the activity score calculations are disabled. To enable activity score calculations go to the Forum Administration menu on the Confluence administration screen. From here there is a link to configure the activity score settings. (Activity score configuration is only available to site administrators.)

Index Rebuild Required

When you enable the activity score calculations you will need to reindex your Confluence index to update the activity score to forum topics that already exist.

When you enabled the activity score calculations you have the option of specifying the values that are used in the calculations if you want to give different updates different weightings in your environment.

  • Page Edit Multiplier This value will be multiplied by the number of times the page has been edited.
  • Page Comment Multiplier This value will be multiplied by the number of comments on the page.
  • Page Attachment Multiplier This value will be multiplied by the number of attachments on the page.

All of the edit scores are added together to produce the activity score for a page. To allow the activity score on older pages to expire the complete page score is reduced depending on when the last page edit or comment was created. On the administration screen you can choose how long you would like the activity scores to remain current for.