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Sticky topics allow forum topics to be listed at the top of a forum even if they don't have the most recent update.

To be able to use the sticky topics functionality you need to make sure the top page of the forum hierarchy has been designated as a forum root page. You will also need to have permission to set sticky topics.

To make a topic 'sticky' click on the make sticky button under the tools menu for that page. If a page is already marked as being sticky, you can remove this property by clicking on the remove menu item in the same location.




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  1. Unknown User (juhalindfors)

    How do I add a link to make a sticky (not planning to use the menu in my layout)?

    1. Unknown User (okmi)

      i would also like to know what markup i should add to my custom builder menu so that i can add this link to our layout

      1. Unknown User (gfraser)

        In recent versions of Builder you can add "menu link aliases" (Theme Administration in the main Confluence admin console) - select Adaptavist Community Bubbles as the plugin, then choose which link you want and give it an alias name (eg. forum-sicky). Once you've done that the alias is available in the menulink and compound-menuitem macros using something like this:

        1. Unknown User (okmi)

          great! i have added the following items to my menu:

           {menuitem}{menuicon:pin_blue}{menulink:forum-sticky}Add Sticky...{menulink}{menuitem}
           {menuitem}{menuicon:pin_grey}{menulink:forum-remove-sticky}Remove Sticky...{menulink}{menuitem}

          right now it will correctly mark a page as sticky, and the icon will show up on my forum home page. however, when i go to a page that is already marked as sticky and try to remove it, neither of my menu items show up. am i missing anything else?

          EDIT: Fixed - typo.

          1. Unknown User (gfraser)

            This is the syntax I used (slightly different link aliases were used on our site):

             {compound-menuitem:set-sticky|caption=Set sticky topic}
             {compound-menuitem:remove-sticky|caption=Clear sticky topic}

            And it seems to be working on our site (note that we restrict the sticky links to space admins so you won't see the links). It's possible that you added two aliases for the "set sticky topic" link?

            1. Unknown User (katerk)

              I've tried both Rusty's method and your method, Guy, to get the Sticky Topic items to appear on my menus in my theme but no luck. They just do not appear. Is there something I have to set to allow this?



  2. Unknown User (lumina)

    I am using the Clickr theme provided by Atlassian, and trying to figure out how enable the "Make Sticky" and "Remove sticky" options for this theme. It appears that all your documentation is based around the default confluence theme or the Theme builder plugin. Is this something that cannot be fixed in the Clickr theme?

    1. The clickr theme does not take advantage of the 'webui' system used by most themes to allow for expandability, and additionally does not allow itself to be expanded upon like the builder theme ):

      One solution might be to use the Clickr Layout in conjunction with the builder theme, you should then be able to alter it to include the links as suggested while retaining the look/feel of the clickr theme.

      1. Unknown User (lumina)

        Thanks Alain for your prompt response, we will try this out!