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I always get an error in confluence (v 2.8) when I want to load a picture (in communitiy blubbles --> forum).
the error says:
Unable to render embedded object: File (blume.jpg) not found.
I have not found a solution yet.

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  1. Unknown User (skrebs)

    Just trying to understand a bit more about the problem, have you added a picture to the topic page that isn't getting rendered correctly when that page is displayed with the forum macro?

    Are you displaying the full content of the page or just excerpts in the forum macro?

    1. Unknown User (skrebs)

      I've been testing adding images to forum topics today. If the fullComment param is set to true they appear to render correctly for me. However if it is false an error will be displayed. This is to do with the fact that getting the excerpt from a page when no excerpt macro has been setup removes some of the wiki markup which is obviously affecting the images as well.

      If you use the {excerpt} macro within your topic page, any markup within the macro should render correctly on the forum page.

      1. Unknown User (cbuser)

        I have already solved the problem.
        I have to attach the picture first to the confluence site and then I can add the pic in the rich text editor.
        thank you responding!