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I created a community. It's an open enrollement.

I would like to set the permission that only topics/comments can be added once people sign-up as a community member, I think it's simular in this forum.

In the persmissions I can add certain groups and give them rights, f.e. the different departments in my company. I can not set permissions for the community member? Is this possible one way or another?

I know a way around is having a closed community and adding the members manually, this is quite some work though, as well as the delay in approving.

Any suggestions?


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  1. Unknown User (gfraser)

    Communities have an associated user group (go in to space admin then permissions screen) - you can set that group to have the permissions to add/edit pages/comments and remove those privs from the other general company groups that can see the space. This way, someone has to join the community before they can contribute or participate in it.

    1. Unknown User (kappelp)

      Dear Guy,

      Thanks for your answer. I know about the group and permissions settings, however I can not find the link between the groups and the associated user group of my community. Does my associated user group have the same name as my community?



    2. Unknown User (kappel)


      Can anyone help me on the link bewteen my community members (self enrolled) and groups?


      1. Unknown User (sfwinter)

        very interested in this as well. Our ideal permissions scheme is that all users can view, but only those who join the community can add/edit. Ideally, this group is created dynamically as users join the community.

        Any way to do this?

        1. Unknown User (gfraser)

          In your community settings, you can specify a group prefix and Bubbles will automatically create a user group for members when the community space is created (I think there is a way to define a membership group after creating a community space, via link in space admin, but you'd need to check docs for info).

          You can assign whatever permissions you want to this group in space admin. When users join the community they get added to the membership group and thus get the permissions set on that group.

          It's been a while since I set up a community so my memory is a little rusty. Hopefully Shannon will provide some more info.

          1. Unknown User (skrebs)

            I think Guy has summed it up pretty well. If you setup the permissions for the community group in the space admin you can automatically allow community members to have the permissions associated with that group.