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This action allows you to view and, if you have sufficient privileges, manage users that are watching the current page or news item (as applicable).

(lightbulb) Tip: Logged-in wiki users can watch and unwatch pages and news items by clicking the icon which is usually in the top-right corner of a page. Some themes may include the link to watch or unwatch in a menu.


To access this action, choose the "Watchers" link. Depending on your version of Confluence and the Theme you're using, the link may appear in different places (eg. a tab at the top of the page, link on the Tools menu, etc).

You'll see a screen that shows which users are watching the current page or news item as follows:

Whenever the page or news item is updated, or a new comment or attachment is added to it, the users shown will get an email notification.

In addition, anyone watching the whole space will also get a notification email, even if they aren't watching that specific page or news item. You can see a list of people watching the space by clicking the "Space Watchers" link:

To see a list of everyone who will receive update notifications for the current page or news item, click the "All Watchers" link which shows everyone watching the current page / news item combined with everyone watching the space:

Note: If someone is watching this page or news item and also the entire space, you'll see them appear twice in the list of watchers.

Manage Watchers

If you're a Space Administrator, Confluence Administrator or Site Administrator, you'll be able to add and remove users from the list.

Removing Watchers

To remove a user, simply click the icon shown next to them.

Adding Watchers

To add a user to the watchers list for the current page or news item, enter their username in to the text box at the top of the page then click the "Add" button:

If you don't know their username, you can search for them using the User Selector dialog.

If you want to add people as "Space Watchers", click the imaginatively titled "Click here to add space watchers" link to go to the Space Watchers screen.

Hints and Tips

  • If you are using external user management users that no longer have access to the system might still show up as watching a page. Don't worry they won't actually get the email updates or be able to access the system. Using this interface allows you to remove these old records. (Note: Prior to the 1.2.2 release this functionality did not work correctly, and old users showed up as Anonymous and could not be removed.)


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