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The Enrolment Settings defined in the permission scheme associated with a community determine what control users have over their membership within the community. Some communities may allow users to join themselves, others may require an invitation to be sent by another user, while other communities may have their membership managed by the space administrator.

Viewing your memberships

To view the Communities that you're a member of, click on the Community Memberships tab in your user profile or the User menu that appears at the top of the screen.
For best results, we recommend using Confluence 2.9 or above as earlier versions of Confluence won't always display the link in the User menu.

You can also list the communities you are a member of into a page using the my-communities macro.

Joining a community

The join-community macro displays links that allow users to join a community, and members to invite other people to the community, depending on the Enrolment Settings for the community. It will automatically show the relevant link based on the user's membership status and the enrolment settings. You can put the macro in your space theme, in a widget on the portal used on the home page, or just add it to the wiki markup of a page in the space.

If you have been invited to join a community you will receive an email with a link to join the community. Alternatively you can see all the communities you have been invited to on your Community Memberships Profile Tab.

Some communities don't allow users to join or be invited – these communities will require a community space administrator to add or invite users on the Community Members Space Tab.

Community members list

Any member can view a list of all community members on the Community Members Space Tab. This screen also allows community administrators to add or remove community members.

If you want to view the members of a community within a page the community-members macro can be used.

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