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The forum space tab will display the forums within the current space. The output on this screen is similar to the forum-summary macro in space mode.

Designated forum root pages only

This screen will only show forum pages that have been designated as a forum root page using the forum macro. When the forum macro is included on a page, but the page isn't designated as the root of a forum, it will not be shown on this screen.

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  1. Unknown User (tewolff)


    This is a very nice addition to the forum functionality. I look forward to using it.

    Are you planning on providing a list of users "watching" the forum, presumably with your Descendant Notification plugin? Right now we can find out who is watching a space, but it would be very helpful to add to that all the users who are watching a forum. Our leadership is interested in knowing the full extent of users who are actually receiving email notifications of new forum content.

    Thanks for your consideration.


    1. Unknown User (skrebs)

      Interesting idea. Not planned for the next release but something we could think about.

    2. Unknown User (gfraser)

      Bubbles contains User Interest functionality that allows you to see who is watching the site (daily update notifications), a space or particular pages/news which would allow you to get some additional information. Agree that having some sort of watchers report would be useful so you could quickly see who is watching what within a space, could you create a ticket on to discuss your requirements further?