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The forum macro is useful on its own, but the real benefit from using the forum macro within Confluence is the range of other functionality that can be integrated with the macro. This page higlights some of the built in Confluence functionality, and third party plugins that can be combined to enhance the forum macro.

Searching within a forum

Sometimes you might want to search just the contents of a single forum. To do this you could use the {pagetreesearch} macro from the Page Tree Plugin. This macro will let you put a search box anywhere on a page which will then restrict the search to child pages, so if you put this macro on same page as a forum macro you will be in effect searching the contents of the forum

Topic Reply Notifications

If you've installed the open source AutoWatch Plugin, you can automatically add page watches for users who add new topics or comment on existing topics - this is particularly useful as people often want to get notified when someone replies to their topic or comment.

Entire Forum Notifications

If you've installed the open source Descendent Notification Plugin, you can setup a watch for an entire forum. To do this mark the top page of the forum you want to watch with the 'watch page family' action from the plugin, and you will automatically be added as a watcher to each descendant page (and new pages that are added).

Forum Tag Cloud

The open source page family tag cloud macro allows you to create a tag cloud from labels attached to a subset of the page hierarchy. This can be used to display a tag cloud of labels from a forum.

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