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I've been using Form Mail NG for a while now and want to upgrade one of the forms being used to include radio buttons instead of checkboxes. Of course simply changing the type=checkbox into type=radio does not work as each radio button is selectable but does not deselect the other radio buttons in the set. I also tried looking in the documentation and there's only a statement that "radio" is a valid type, but there is no description about how to actually use that type in a mail-input macro.

Any help or guidance to help is appreciated.

{mail-form} wiki markup:

{panel:title=Example Sensors|borderStyle=solid|width=200px|bgColor=eee8DC|borderColor=ccc|titleBGColor=lightgrey}
|| Product Name || Quantity ||
|{mail-input:name=sense-RG|type=checkbox|value=yes|checked=false}Revenue Grade\\
{align:right}~options: {mail-input:name=sense-60|type=radio|value=yes|checked=true}60amp, {mail-input:name=sense-100|type=radio|value=yes|checked=false}100amp, {mail-input:name=sense-200|type=radio|value=yes|checked=false}200amp,\\ {mail-input:name=sense-400|type=radio|value=yes|checked=false}400amp, {mail-input:name=sense-SPCL|type=radio|value=yes|checked=false}Special~{align}| {mail-input:type=text|name=sense-RG-count|cssStyle=width: 100%}|

...and the actual rendered panel.

Example Sensors

Product Name


Unknown macro: {mail-input}
Revenue Grade


Unknown macro: {mail-input}


Unknown macro: {mail-input}


Unknown macro: {mail-input}


Unknown macro: {mail-input}


Unknown macro: {mail-input}


Unknown macro: {mail-input}
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