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I have a media wiki/phpbb3 wiki/forum structure that I am converting to confluence/<forum>.
I need to be able to move the phpbb3 forum to whichever forum I end up using with confluence. Is there any conversion of phpbb3 to bubbles that anyone has tried or heard about?



  1. Unknown User (gfraser)

    Topics in a Bubbles forum are just wiki pages so you can probably use the Universal Wiki Converter (UWC) to convert your existing forum in to wiki pages (make sure they all have same parent page) then add the forum macro to that parent page and voila - it turns in to a forum (smile)

    You'd need to configure the UWC to deal with bbcode and html (if allowed on your existing forum) and deal with any attachments, etc., but it should be fairly straightforward to transfer the content over.

    I'd dare say the bigger issue would be dealing with user accounts - you'd need to ensure that the usernames from forum topics/posts on your old system match the usernames in Confluence (either translate from A to B or somehow import all the users in to Confluence).

  2. Unknown User (reilmb)

    User accounts are fairly easy as we have an ldap backend. One reason for the decision to go to confluence over mediawiki was the SSO portion of the existing setup just used ldap and apache to create ids in the mediawiki and phpbb3 user databases, creating 2 connected but not connected userdbs names were the same. The whole setup is there but its not clean and its fragile.

    So use UWC on the phpbb forums, then add the forum macro to the page. We can try that.