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I'm running confluence 3.3. I just went (20100814.1525) to the plugin repository to install the community bubbles plugin and it downloaded/installed v1.6. I then went and tried to use it, ran into the NoClassDefFoundError: edu/emory/mathcs/backport/java/util/Collections bug and saw the forum post here saying it was fixed in 1.6.1.

Then I went back and looked at what version I had installed - 1.6 - and resolved the problem by manually downloading the v1.6.2 version and installing that.

Just FYI - something like tarfu going on with your repository version. It shows 1.6.2 as the latest but won't let you upgrade past 1.6.

Thanks for a great plugin!

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  1. Unknown User (skrebs)

    I haven't been able to reproduce that problem installing via the plugin repository so am not sure what might have went wrong there unfortunately. Please let us know if you notice it happening again.