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Hi guys,

I'll try to explain what I am interested in (BTW - love the Bubbles)

I want to integrate jira projects with confluence project/s communities. This is the bottom up approach.

1. Project in JIRA

2. Filter and gadget displaying the results of that filter

3. Widget inside a Bubble portal including that gadget.

4. Page template in confluence including that portal.

User inside a community now can create a page from the template and will include the above.

A problem: If I want to create a new project and associated portal, I will have to redo the steps above from scratch.

UNLESS, there is a way I can 'pass-in' the parameter to the chain (portal, widget, gadgets) that would be rendered per project associated with that community. (The communitySettings.action is executed on a global level, not per community)

Any thoughts would be appreciated,



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  1. Unknown User (skrebs)

    If the confluence space key is related to the jira project key you might be able to use widget tokens to replace the space key.

    I don't think there is way to pass a parameter like that through the bubbles portal and widget macros. If you didn't use the portal and bubbles widget macro on your page, you might be able to do it with a user macro, or even template variables, but I'm not sure of your use case and how feasible that might be.

  2. Unknown User (gfraser)

    Where do you want the Bubbles portal to appear? If the home page then you can use create community system to create new wiki space (community) for each jira project. When creating community you can specify (in community types) what portal to place on home page.

    You could use the Replace and Render plugin, possibly in conjunction with Metadata 2 plugin to deal with some requirements. Alternatively put user macros (or custom macros from a java plugin) in to the widgets?

    Also, Builder 4 allows some new ways to do templates via layout resources.