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Community Bubbles 1.6 Milestone 3

This is the third (ir)regular development release of the 1.6 version of the Community Bubbles plugin. This release is a snapshot of our current development and is not intended for production use!!

New and Notable

This release sees a new feature in the my-favourite-pages macro to allow the list of favourite pages to be restricted to a single space.

There is also a new Community Settings section under the Confluence admin menu. This screen currently just contains a setting to allow the global community invite email address to be set, however more settings may be added here in the future. The Bubbles show/hide macros have also been updated to include new community based conditions.

Forum Macro
The forum statistics displayed at the top of the forum macro will now correctly take into account the filters that have been applied to the topics that are displayed. There have also been several other bug fixes related to the forum macro.

There are several other macros in this release that are in their first draft to provide better community and forum information that theme developers can use for including in themes. These may or may not be enabled by default in the final release depending on how much time we get to polish and create documentation for these.

For the full list of changes that have been completed, or are being worked on, checkout the Jira project for this plugin:

Download & Installation

You can download this release from here.

This release supports Confluence 2.10 and above.

Even though this product is now available at no cost, you will still need to accept the End User License Agreement after the plugin has been installed before any functionality will work. (This can be done in the Confluence admin console after you install the plugin.)

Re-Indexing needed for new installs

As this plugin contains new search extractors used to add extra information to the Confluence index, you will need to rebuild your Confluence search index after installing this release.


If you have any questions about the functionality in this plugin, find a bug, or have suggestions about how features could be improved please let us know via the Bubbles forum in this space. The free release of this plugin is covered by our general community support.

Commercial support customers can also create issues in the Bubbles Support Project (USUP) in the Adaptavist Tracker for any issues encountered while using the plugin.

As this is a milestone development build, some features may not work exactly as advertised, and some features may not make the final release. We don't recommend running milestone builds on your production system. Refer to the Downloads page for the latest stable release.

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