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1.4 Release Candidate

This is a public release of Community Bubbles Plugin 1.4 release candidate 1. We don't plan to add any new features before 1.4, from here on it will only be minor bug fixes (if any).

New and Notable

The 1.4 release of the Community Bubbles plugin introduces new functionality to allow admins to lock the comments on a page along with new macros to show and hide content in themes based on other Bubbles functionality.

Comment Locking

This release includes new functionality to allow comments on a forum topic or a blog post to be locked so new comments can't be added and current comments can't be removed or edited. As the comment functionality of Confluence cannot be fully controlled by plugins in Confluence, some theme modifications are recommended to get the most out of this new functionality. Refer to the documentation for more information

Show and Hide Macros

Users of the Adaptavist Theme Builder plugin will be familiar with the {builder-show} and {builder-hide} macros that enable you to show and hide content in your theme based on certain conditions. This release of the Bubbles plugin adds two new macros, {bubbles-show} and {bubbles-hide} which provide similar functionality to the like named Theme Builder macros, but let you specify conditions specific to the Bubbles plugin, e.g. Forum Topic pages, community members etc.

Other bug fixes and improvements

There have been several other bug fixes and improvements in the 1.4 release. Check out the list of issues for this release in our Jira project here.

As previously announced on the Bubbles blog, the my-recent-edits macro and profile action has been deprecated in this release. They can be re-enabled if required via the plugin manager.

Download and Installation

This release of the Community Bubbles plugin supports Confluence 2.10.2 and later.

You can download this release from the Downloads page (click on the previous versions link to see all files) or install from the plugin repository.

New Installation

Reindexing Needed

If this is the first release of the Bubbles plugin that is being installed into a Confluence instance you will need to rebuild the search index after installing to use some of the new features. If you are going to enable the new Activity Score functionality for forum topics it would be advisable to set this up first as this will also require an index rebuild.

Upgrading from a previous release

You can easily upgrade from a previous version of Bubbles by uninstalling the old version and uploading the new version into your Confluence instance. Or you can upgrade via the plugin repository. You configuration and settings will automatically be picked up by the new version.

If you are upgrading from a release before 1.2 please refer to the 1.2 release notes for information on updates to the forum macro that were included in that release.

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