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Community Bubbles 1.4 Milestone 3

This is the third development release of the 1.4 version of Community Bubbles plugin. This release is a snapshot of our current development and is not intended for production use!!

New and Notable

This milestone builds add the ability for space admins to override the permission required to lock pages. Like the other forums permissions global admins can turn this ability on or off.

Also in this release the conditions for displaying the lock pages menu item have been updated, so you can now lock comments on topic pages and blog posts.

There are also other feature enhancements like a Add Community link on the dashboard, taking advantage of a new web-ui location that Atlassian have added. The forum topic title in comment excerpt mode on the table template will now also link directly to the most recent comment, rather then the top of the page.

In anticipation of updates that are coming in Confluence 3.0 the my-recent-edits macro, and associated profile action will now be deprecated. These plugins modules will be disabled by default on new installs, but can be easily enabled again if you require the functionality. While we still support this functionality since the next release of Confluence will natively support similar functionality that should hopefully perform better since it won't need to use the database directly we don't want to encourage any new use of the macros in the bubbles plugin.

To view all the issues fixed or under consideration for the 1.4 release check out the Jira project for this plugin version here: here.

Download & Installation

You can download this release from here.

This release supports Confluence 2.10.2 and above.

Re-Indexing needed

As there has been some updates to the search extractors used to add extra information to the Confluence index, you will need to rebuild your Confluence search index after installing this release.

If you have any suggested improvements for the new functionality, or find a bug, please let us know via the Bubbles Support Project (USUP) in the Adaptavist Tracker or via the Bubbles forum in this space.

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