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Adaptavist are pleased to announceversion 1.1 of Community Bubbles, the second major release of our plugin that enhances the community feel of Confluence.

New and Notable


The major new feature in this version is Communities. Communities extend the features of a normal space by adding a membership group and various tools and macros to manage the members within the community. If you're creating a new community space from scratch, you'll also benefit from default permissions, theme settings and home page portals.

Recent edits

A new profile tab that allows users to see the recent pages that they have edited, and you can use the new my-recent-edits macro for listing recent edits by a specific user in your wiki pages.

Changes to widgets

Atlassian have added a widget macro to Confluence 2.10 - it allows you to embed things like YouTube videos and Twitter feeds in to your wiki pages. However, because the macro has the same name as the widget macro that's in Bubbles we've had to rename our macro to bubbles-widget to avoid a conflict. If you're still using an older version of Confluence you can still use the old name for the macro, it just needs to be enabled in the Plugin Manager.

We've also added some new colour tokens to widget definitions - this allows widgets to take their colour settings from those defined in space admin (or the global colours if they aren't set).


This release requires Confluence 2.8.1 or later.

Visit the Atlassian Marketplace page to get the latest version or install via the plugin repository.

Please make sure you are using a supported version of Confluence before installing this version of the plugin.

Upgrading from an earlier version

You can easily upgrade from a previous version of Bubbles by uninstalling the old version and uploading the new version into your Confluence instance. Or you can upgrade via the plugin repository. You configuration and settings will automatically be picked up by the new version.

Remember that the widget macro has been renamed - this change won't affect you if all your widgets are displayed using the portal macro, however if you've used the widget macro on its own somewhere you'll need to rename it to bubbles-widget or enable the old "widget" macro in Plugin Manager.

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