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Hi all,

we're wondering if there is any way to change the date format in the topic overview page of the forum macro. Currently, we're seeing the four columns Topic/Author/Replies/Last Reply.

In both columns Author and Last Reply, the date is given in format dd/MMM (23 Nov). Which seems to be the default. Is there any way to change this?

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  1. Unknown User (scayla)

    I guess one way would be to change the date formatting in the general configuration of Confluence.
    The other way would be to modify the forum-table.vm file in /template/bubbles/forum and use the DateFormatter (doc here) to correctly format the date. The pattern used between format, formatDateFull, formatDateTime will depend on the pattern defined in the general config of Confluence.
    Note that this modification will have to be applied each time you upgrade Bubbles.



    1. Unknown User (

      Hi Steeve,

      thanks a lot for the quick reply!

      It actually did work out for us - but we modified file /template/bubbles/forum/lastpost-include.vm instead.

      // which sets date format to MMM dd, yyyy in our case

      This changed the date representation in both author and last reply columns, just what we needed.

      1. Unknown User (scayla)

        Nice to hear (smile)
        Have fun with this great plugin!