Scriptrunner icon white4 ScriptRunner for Bitbucket Server

Extend and automate projects, workflows and repositories.

ScriptRunner enhances your Bitbucket Server projects, Git workflows and Git repositories. Use ScriptRunner for Bitbucket Server’s built-in scripts or create your own using Groovy.

ScriptRunner for Bitbucket Server allows you to set permissions for existing and future projects and repositories. Use it to synchronise your BitBucket organisations and GitHub projects so you can manage all your repositories in one place.

You can start using ScriptRunner for Bitbucket Server today with a free trial.

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Take control of your Git workflows

  • Extend the conditions and add mandatory reviewers for pull requests
  • Automate trusted merge approval with extended conditions
  • Set key tasks that need to be completed prior to pull request approvals
  • Improve the levels of pull request approvals by enforcing conditional group members

Easily administer thousands of Git repositories

  • Set Permissions for existing and future Projects and Repositories
  • Synchronise all of your BitBucket Cloud and GitHub repositories into Bitbucket Server
  • Assume the ID of any Bitbucket Server user
  • Enable hooks across one, many or all of your projects and repositories
  • Action permission updates in bulk across your whole instance
  • Remove all repositories from a given project with one script

Encourage good development practices

  • Catch unwanted commits before they’re pushed to Bitbucket Server
  • Control groups or users that can create projects or repositories
  • Block huge Git binaries before they are pushed to Bitbucket Server

Support Issue Driven development in Jira

  • Enforce all branches and commits associated with a Jira issue (using JQL conditions)
  • Update all commits and their related Jira issues with a comment

Four reasons to use ScriptRunner for Bitbucket Server

  • Control and automation: ScriptRunner for Bitbucket Server builds on the super-scalable foundations of Atlassian Bitbucket. It gives Enterprise-grade control and visibility of your SCM environment and the ability to run any script based on any event.
  • Mirroring and management: Do you have repositories scattered between GitHub, BitBucket and Bitbucket Server? Feel like you’re losing track of your source code or lacking resilience? With ScriptRunner for Bitbucket Server you can easily mirror SaaS solutions into your behind-the-firewall instance of Bitbucket.
  • Policy management: The majority of Enterprises have source code in a variety of systems and have migrated to Bitbucket Server over time. Viewed at a global level, there may be thousands of repositories to manage. ScriptRunner lets you quickly and easily define and enforce policy.
  • Security and compliance: ScriptRunner for Bitbucket Server ensures integrity in your SCM system by preventing untraceable commits. It removes anonymity from your dev process and enables you to mandate review steps.