Scriptrunner icon white4 ScriptRunner for Bitbucket Server

Extend and automate projects, workflows and repositories.

Customise, automate and integrate your Bitbucket Server/Stash Projects, repositories and Git workflows

Part of the ScriptRunner family, ScriptRunner for Bitbucket helps development teams achieve security, ensure quality standards, and automate the administration of your repositories and projects. Use ScriptRunner for Bitbucket Server’s built-in scripts or create your own using Groovy.

Automate time-consuming system admin tasks

Automate cumbersome admin tasks such as; repository cloning and deactivating users. Get max repository size notifications to keep systems running smoothly.

Enforce best practices and custom development standards in Git

Keep code clean by customising your workflow. Create custom hooks, extend pull request approval functionality, stop incorrectly named pushes/branches from merging, and get full change traceability.

Integrate with other repositories like GitHub, Jenkins, and Bitbucket Cloud

Synchronise your Devops toolchain by using ScriptRunner to integrate Bitbucket with other repositories such as GitHub and Bitbucket Cloud.


  • Enforce good Git practice with custom workflows and approval processes 
  • Manage your repositories and projects at scale with built-in administrative tools and automations 
  • Enforce and develop smooth git workflows for the quickest path from idea to delivery


  • Out-of-the-box admin automations with built-in scripts

    • Switch User - Impersonate a user for debugging

    • Clone Repository - Clone the configuration of a repository to ensure repositories are created with correct settings

    • Configure Mirrored Repository -  Mirror GitHub or Bitbucket Cloud repositories 

  • Script Jobs allows you to run your own code at regular intervals
  • Ability to deactivate users easily and get max repository size notifications to keep systems running smoothly
  • Extend Pull Request Approval functionality to overcome unapproved merge requests
    • Add groovy scripted conditions to some or all repositories and define a default set of Approvers (including mandatory users or groups)
  • Synchronise your GitHub and BitBucket Cloud repository activities (excluding Pull Requests) with Bitbucket Server
  • Take control of your releases and catch unwanted events before they are pushed into production
    • Stop developers from pushing changes on behalf of someone else (or even a non-Bitbucket Server user)
    • Stop change sets being pushed directly to your release or master branches
    • Stop incorrectly named pushes 
    • Stop the deletion of your release tags
    • Ensure feature changes are associated with a Jira issue through both scripted conditions and extended JQL queries
    • Block pushes to your release branches 

You can start using ScriptRunner for Bitbucket Server today with a free trial.