Scriptrunner icon white Notifications for ScriptRunner for Confluence

Keep your Confluence users and teams up to date with the pages, spaces and news that's important to them.

Notifications gives you the ability to manage Confluence notifications more easily, with greater control and customisation

IMPORTANT: This is now entirely integrated within ScriptRunner for Confluence and is no longer supported as a separate app. You can now find the same functionality (with improvements) directly in ScriptRunner. ❗

With Notifications you can:

  • Subscribe whole groups of Confluence users to news updates - great for company newsletters
  • Follow entire page trees with a single click
  • Optionally watch any new pages that are added to the hierarchy
  • Override and choose which pages to not to watch in the hierarchy
  • Admins - manage all notifications from the built-in script section
  • Watch/unwatch pages based off a CQL query. 
  • Extend Notifications functionality and set up conditions or automations using Groovy.

Powered by ScriptRunner for Confluence

Notifications works when you have ScriptRunner for Confluence installed in your Confluence instance. Not only does it give you access to Notifications functionality but you can extend, integrate and enhance it with the power of ScriptRunner.