community forums white trans 200x200 Community Forums for Confluence

Community Forums lets you add standard online forums straight into your Confluence pages so that your teams can create and discuss any chosen topics in a collaborative, online environment.

Community Forums  lets you add forums directly into your Confluence pages so your teams can create and discuss any chosen topic. Creating a forum is easy, thanks to the Forum blueprint template.

With Community Forums you can: 

  • Create Forums for projects, teams or company-wide discussions
  • Create new forums in seconds using our easy-to-use blueprint tool
  • Gain a global understanding of all forums and activity in your organisation
  • Keep important content in the front of users minds by pinning it the top of a forum
  • Prioritise trending topics
  • Keep current with the latest activity with a pop-up  
  • Customise the layout and information displayed on the forum
  • Split large topics into sub-topics.

Get a sixty-second video overview of Community Forums for Confluence now.