Adaptavist provides an off-the-shelf Plugin support product, that extends Atlassian’s standard support to include the plugins you use in your Atlassian-based solutions like Confluence and JIRA.

We provide support for the following Atlassian products:

  • JIRA
  • Confluence
  • Bamboo
  • Clover
  • Crucible
  • Crowd
  • FishEye
  • JIRA Agile (Greenhopper)
  • Sharepoint Connectors
  • Team Calendars

What aspects of the Atlassian software do we support?

Combined with the other components of our support service – Server Support and Plugin Support – we’re able to cover all aspects of your product deployment. This is really useful as issues in an application can often be caused by the server environment or plugins.

We don’t provide 1st line (end-user) support – that’s normally handled by your operations team. Our application support is tailored to some 2nd line support, but mostly 3rd and 4th line support.

By bypassing traditional support desks you get a direct route through to our developers, consultants and engineers who can immediately start diagnosing problems to find their root cause.

Why choose Adaptavist for Atlassian support?

We’re experts at hosting, customising, integrating and maintaining Atlassian applications. It’s our core business.

With excellent knowledge of all aspects of the products, detailed knowledge of the source code and frameworks that are used, we can quickly determine the root cause of any issues you encounter and provide options as to how they can be resolved or worked around.

In many cases we’ll be able to provide a “hot fix” and we can also provide more detailed information to Atlassian to facilitate solutions in future versions of their products.

We’re a Platinum Expert with unparalleled familiarity with Atlassian products. We write award-winning plugins that are bundled with them, and are experts at hosting, customising, integrating and maintaining Atlassian applications. When you get support from Adaptavist you tap into that extensive knowledge and experience.