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Reintroducing: ScriptRunner for Jira Workflow Functions

Reintroducing: ScriptRunner for Jira Workflow Functions

Immediately put time back in your day with Workflow Functions: join us for inspiration and to learn about some new out-of-the-box magic in ScriptRunner for Server/Data Center.

In this event we cover:

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    Overview of 10+ new built-in Workflow Functions

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    Ideas and inspiration for any industry

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    How to take back time and take control of your processes today

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Get quicker wins than ever

Join the ScriptRunner for Jira team for a deep dive into the wonderful world of Workflow Functions. We'll take a look at some new and improved ScriptRunner capabilities that will help you to recreate and defend your organisation's processes within Jira.

We'll be looking at:

  • An overview of 10+ brand new built-in Workflow Functions for ScriptRunner for Jira Server/Data Center.
  • Ideas for how to save yourself and your organisation time, hassle and money right away using these new functions.
  • Other new features and tools to help you document, clean up and consolidate your workflows.

We’ve deliberately included examples which we think are universal time-savers and process protectors, whatever your industry. We hope you'll join us!

Make the complex simple and possible

“ScriptRunner is an excellent app and is by far the best app for more complex workflows in Jira.”

-- Atlassian Marketplace review, Brant Schroeder

Event hosts and guests:

Jess Thompson

Jess Thompson

Jess Thompson, Senior Marketing Manager for ScriptRunner for Jira

Jamie Echlin

Jamie Echlin

Creator of ScriptRunner
Jamie is an active contributor within the Atlassian community ecosystem, he’s passionate about helping organisations maximise the power of automation to solve real business problems and build great products.

Ryan Spilken

Ryan Spilken

Adaptavist Technical Evangelist
Ryan is the host of Adaptavist Live, The Atlassian Ecosystem Podcast, and has been a part of said ecosystem for seven years. When he’s not spreading the good word of Adaptavist, he’s a parent, songwriter, and kimchi fanatic.

Andre Serrano

Andre Serrano

Andre is the Product Lead for all things ScriptRunner here at Adaptavist.