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Master Bitbucket using ScriptRunner - Live Demo and Q&A

Master Bitbucket using ScriptRunner - Live Demo and Q&A

Do you have any technical questions about using ScriptRunner for Bitbucket? Check out this session for a feature-by-feature dive into the product and a live Q&A.

Whatever your question about ScriptRunner for Bitbucket, we're ready to answer.

Are you using BitBucket? If you need to customise and automate your workflows, ScriptRunner gives you endless possibilities.

Our session starts with a quick product walk-through, then we jump right to answering your questions. Whether you're completely new to ScriptRunner or a seasoned user, this is an open forum.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Save time with custom hooks and automations
  • Ensure your instance is optimised and your code is clean by enforcing commit acceptance policies and controls
  • Support a variety of other important software governance requirements by adding custom tasks to pull requests
  • Set automatic monitoring and reporting on repository/project size
  • Live coding examples


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Event hosts and guests:

Robert Giddings

Robert Giddings

ScriptRunner for Bitbucket Product Manager

An advocate of Agile, DevOps and Continuous Deployment/Delivery methodologies, Rob transitioned from software development in the Atlassian ecosystem to product management for Adaptavist's DevOps tools suite. 

Reece Lander

Reece Lander

Software Engineer

A software engineer with multiple years of experience developing applications for many use cases across the Atlassian product family. Reece is currently leading development of ScriptRunner for Bitbucket server.

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