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Customise, automate and extend your CI/CD pipelines with a single powerful app

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Go beyond what you thought possible in Bamboo using Groovy scripts

Make creation and execution of customised tasks more flexible. Automate Bamboo administration any way you want. Integrate with other DevOps tools. Modify the user interface. The power is yours!

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Direct access to the Bamboo API and the Bamboo Specs API lets you create deeply customised tasks and automations.

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Save money by using a single app that covers the functionality of many other plugins.

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Forget about writing and maintaining your own plugins, run Groovy scripts that just work instead.

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More flexibility to create and run tasks

Create and run tasks dynamically, depending on parameters such as build variables or files changed.

For example, use different Maven goals depending on the branch, or secure copy files to different hosts for different staging environments.

Add extra logic to your build

Avoid an unnecessary proliferation of plans or having to wrap everything with script tasks. Instead, use a Condition Task. The tasks following it in the job will be executed only if the condition task evaluates to ‘true’.

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Shave time off tedious admin tasks

Any Bamboo admin action can be automated with scripts that run once, on schedule, or in response to an event. Here are a few examples:

  • Display a list of build plans, or the status of all current build jobs.
  • Monitor builds and stop them when predefined conditions are met.
  • Run regular checks and send SLA alerts when a build has been broken for a defined period of time.

Extend functionality with 3rd party integrations

Create close integration in your DevOps toolchain and help your users stay on top of what’s happening.

  • Receive notifications from external systems and extend the official Bamboo REST API using custom REST endpoints.
  • Modify the UI to display new buttons, banners and notifications using Script Fragments.
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Annual price

Local agents only, 10 jobs

USD 10

1 remote agent, unlimited jobs

USD 75

2 remote agents, unlimited jobs

USD 225

11 remote agents, unlimited jobs

USD 1,200

101 remote agents, unlimited jobs

USD 3,600

501 remote agents, unlimited jobs

USD 3,600

Customise. Automate. Extend. With ScriptRunner for Bamboo


Need help with scripting?

Automate away repetitive or complex actions, fix buggy or broken code or get your scripts Cloud-ready before migration using our Scripting Service.

If you don't have the time or capacity to write scripts in-house, then our on-demand scripting service is for you. We'll help you get your Atlassian customisation and automation initiatives live, and put time back in your day.