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Version control is enabled by default and allow teams to collaborate and manage multiple versions of test cases in parallel while keeping data integrity and providing an audit history of changes. Versions can be viewed and compared for audit purposes. Creating new versions permission can be enabled or disabled on the Project Settings page. Learn more here: Users and Permissions.

Test Case Versioning is available in version 4.3.0 onwards of Adaptavist Test Management. 

  • Note 1: Changes will affect only test executions using the version changed. Changes on the test steps will not affect test execution automatically to preserve the results history. However a notification will be displayed on the Test Player: "This test script is outdated because the test case has been changed". If the user click on the link "Update this test script" the steps will be synced and updated.
  • Note2: You are not allowed to create a new version from older versions (however you can make changes on older versions).
  • Note3: By default all lists, grids, searches, queries, etc display the latest version of the test cases.


1. In the Navigation Bar, click Test; then click New. The Create Test Case dialog opens.
2. Enter the Name, Objective and the Precondition.
3. Click the Save button. By default a new version is created (1.0).

4. Once the test case is created, you can create new versions by clicking on the button "New version".

5. In order to view different versions, just click on the drop down with the version number and navigate to the desired version.

6. Versions can be viewed and compared for audit purposes. Click on the History Tab.

7. Select the desired versions and then click on "Compare Versions" button.

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