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Released on .


Compatible with JIRA 7.X and later.

If manually downloading the archive from the Atlassian Marketplace, please make sure to download the version that is compatible with your Jira. Version 6.7.3-jira7 is compatible with Jira 7 only and version 6.7.3 is compatible with Jira 8.x and later.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Compatibility with Jira version 8.4.0. 
  • Improved performance when viewing previous test executions in the Test Player through pagination of the list 
  • Fixed for the Favourite Filters option for the Coverage Report
  • To avoid performance impact, the maximum number of test cases that can be exported to PDF at one time is now 5,000
  • Improved memory management when exporting test cases and test executions via XML and Excel
  • Removed the 65.535 row limit in Excel for test case and test execution exports
  • Fixed the Estimated Time field in the change history for test cases
  • Fixed the test execution progress in the test cycle list for last test results
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