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Compatible with JIRA 7.X and later.

Custom fields for the test execution

Test Management for Jira is more flexible than ever before, it's now possible to fill in and track any extra information during execution time by creating custom fields for the test execution record. This improvement will help you to track any relevant piece of information during the test execution, such as: build number, version, iteration and more for greater control.

Redesign of the Test Player

The Test Player has been redesigned to support custom fields for the test execution record. With the new design, testers are able to fill in any custom information during execution time. Also, a few improvements have added to make the Test Player more flexible, such as: 

  • During the test execution you can change during the test execution the following fields: environment, version and iteration.
  • The fields Assigned to/Executed by have been introduced to provide tighter control over the test assignment.
  • The fields Planned start date/Planned end date have been introduced to allow scheduling for individual test cases.

Redesign of the Test Cases grid in the Test Cycle screen

The Test Cases grid have been redesigned to allow you to select and display any desired fields from test cases and track the information that matter most to you. You can also assign planned dates for individual test cases in the test cycle (Planned start date and planned end date fields).

Bug fixes

  • Fixed: "Ghost" test results are created for a Test Cycle when quickly clicking twice on Save.
  • Fixed: The user is unable to save a Test Case if the parameters are not filled in.
  • Fixed: TM4J gadgets reset the saved filters in some situations.
  • Fixed: TM4C: Macro filters are cleared after clicking to navigate to another page.
  • Fixed: TM4C: Do not print log when an anonymous user accesses the Confluence page.
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