We’re excited to announce that TM4J - Test Management for Jira is now part of the SmartBear family. Learn more : https://smartbear.com/blog/test/test-management-for-jira-joins-the-smartbear-family/
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Unused test cases can clog up the test library, so you can archive those you aren't currently using to clean up the space. Archiving removes unwanted test cases from the test library without permanently deleting the testing data. 

Archived test cases can be moved back into the active test library at any time.

We've temporarily removed the option to delete test cases as part of our implementation of the test case archive feature. We will add the option to permanently delete test cases back to TM4J Server soon.

Archive Test Cases

To archive unused test cases, select the test cases you want to move to the archive, then click Archive

Confirm you want to archive when prompted, and the test cases move out of the test library and into the archive.

You can access archived test cases by clicking Archived Test Cases at the bottom of the Folders panel.

Unarchive Test Cases

You can move archived test cases back to the test library at any time.

Simply click Archived Test Cases while in the Tests view to access the archive, select the test cases you want to move to the test library, then click Unarchive.

Confirm you want to unarchive when prompted, and the test cases move back into the test library.

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