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Power to space admins: ScriptRunner for Confluence brings automation to the masses

16 August 2017 Automation
Power to space admins: ScriptRunner for Confluence brings automation to the masses

Power to space admins: ScriptRunner for Confluence brings automation to the masses

Leaner processes and quicker turn-arounds with built-in scripts for space administrators.

ScriptRunner for Confluence has been a life saver for Confluence admins that want to streamline process and automate manual tasks, but only the Confluence admins had access to the add-on's powerful functionality. Until now.

Today we launch version 5.1.0 of ScriptRunner for Confluence, which allows Confluence admins to extend the power of ScriptRunner for Confluence to space admins. We've chosen several built-in scripts to enable space admins to take better control of their spaces without the need to raise support tickets or code their own solutions.

Built-in scripts for space admins

Built-in scripts are pre-coded, out-of-the-box features that can be accessed across ScriptRunner products. Below are the seven built-in scripts that space admins can now use to save time and keep their Confluence spaces snappy.

  • Bulk delete attachments: Get rid of all your obsolete attachments at once.
  • Bulk delete comments: Got out-of-date, no-longer-relevent comments? Delete them all at once.
  • Bulk purge trash: Permanently erase the deleted content in your space.
  • Copy a page tree: Copy a page tree and reuse the template in the same space or elsewhere.
  • Delete a page tree: If you have a portion of a page tree that is no longer used, bulk delete it in one click.
  • Copy a space: Recreate your space.
  • Inherit permissions of a parent when a child page is created: The view and edit permissions of the parent page are passed to the child page.

We've even created a guide for space admins to get started quickly.

Please note that space admin access to ScriptRunner for Confluence is enabled by default, though Confluence admins can revoke permissions should users not require access.

To learn more about any of these built-in scripts, please head over to our documentation.

We're thrilled about what including space admins means for your Confluence instance and the dramatic improvement it will make in your team's effectiveness. Confluence admins can always use a few things taken off their plate and it's refreshing for space admins to have permissions to do more on their own.

Check out ScriptRunner for Confluence on our Atlassian Marketplace page.

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