TM4J - Test Management for Jira TM4J - Test Management for Jira

The #1 user rated testing app in Jira for agile teams

Flexible, intuitive, productive

Built for speed and constantly improved to meet the needs of Enterprise Jira users, you can organise test cases into libraries to re-use and re-purpose across projects releases and sprints. What’s more, everything is logged for audit, compliance and regulatory purposes.

Fast and integrated with Jira

It’s your testing control centre. Tightly integrated with the Jira user interface, it lets you get clear traceability between issues, test cases, runs and plans. There’s no need for test managers or dev teams to mode switch between Jira and your testing software, it’s all visible and manageable in Jira.

Analytics for informed business decisions 

Get real-time insights into test processes with powerful out-of-the-box reports. Our enterprise grade reporting provides 70 cross-project reports and gadgets to track coverage, progress and quality. Share test metrics with Agile and DevOps teams for easier data analysis and collaboration.

Import, re-use and customise

Import from Excel or CSV as well as from legacy test management tools such as Hewlett Packard Quality Centre and Zephyr.

Improve regression

Single repository with hierarchical folders for all your test assets for quick access and reduced redundancy. Reuse test cases across your projects, releases and sprints.

Reduce time managing test cases

Take advantage of test data parameters to increase reusability. Share steps between test cases to eliminate duplication. Track versions to ensure data integrity and detailed history of changes

Scale up your testing with our free automation tool

Scale up your execution of Test Cases in Jira by integrating any open source testing tool via the REST API which is included free. You can retrieve tests for execution and programmatically update results as well as connect your continuous integration tools.