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Finding what you want in Jira has just become a whole lot easier and quicker in Jira Cloud!

Check out our Infographic to see how you too can search less and find more with Enhanced Search.

Get more out of Jira with Enhanced Search

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Greater Search Precision

Enhanced Search takes search relevance to a new level with
Enhanced JQL Functions and Keywords not available in native Jira

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Power Up Your Filters 

Jira's Kanban boards, reports, and dashboards are only as good as the JQL filter they're built on. Broaden their scope with Enhanced JQL Filters

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Easy Query Builder

Easily and quickly build complex Enhanced JQL Functions without having to remember syntax with the helpful Query Builder

Find issues that took longer to complete than estimated

Search for issues

As a project manager, you want to find out which issues took longer to complete than their estimated completion date, which is stored as a date in a custom field. The  dateCompare()  Enhanced JQL Function makes it possible to compare dates stored in an issue, even if they are stored in custom fields. You can even add date offsets.

dateCompare("project = Search", "resolutionDate > estComplDate")

(where estComplDate it a custom field)

Find epics with stories that are currently being worked on

As a scrum master, you want to see all of the epics with stories that your team is currently working on, i.e. epics that have stories that were started but haven't been finished. The  epicsOf()  Enhanced JQL Function returns the epics linked to the result of a subquery of your choice.

epicsOf(issuetype ="Story" AND status in("In Progress", "In Review"))

Search for issues
Find issues in your project that duplicate other work

Search for issues

As a QA analyst, you want to see how a bug and all of its direct and indirect relatives affect your product. The  linkedIssuesRecursive()  Enhanced JQL Function returns the entire issue chain in a single search. 



Find more with Enhanced Search Functions and Aliases

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Enhanced JQL Functions


And many more!

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Enhanced JQL Keywords


And many more!


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