Case Study: How ScriptRunner Accelerated Automation for SAP Fieldglass

When you’re a team with a large workload, how do you automate your tasks to save time and increase productivity? 

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For external talent management software company SAP Fieldglass, the answer was ScriptRunner. Krishnanand Nayak, QA Lead at SAP Fieldglass, explained that when it came to automation, ScriptRunner was popping up again and again as the go-to solution of choice.

We sought advice from industry experts and peers, and gleaned feedback from the community forums and support chat rooms. After discovering that ScriptRunner also supported Groovy it became clear that ScriptRunner was the kind of game-changing solution we needed”.

SAP Fieldglass needed a single solution tool to reduce their manual footprint, enabling them to focus on achieving higher-value goals as a business. Much of their time was spent negotiating a labyrinth of disparate communication tools where “you could feel the power, but you could not feel the speed”.

Now with ScriptRunner bringing automation to SAP Fieldglass’ daily processes, the time saved on recurring tasks can be focussed on innovation, improved efficiency and consequently, a reduction in operational costs. 

To get the most out of ScriptRunner, Krishnanand Nayak suggests “investing in a training programme…to get up to speed quickly”, noting the success of the ScriptRunner onboarding process to the training sessions provided. 

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