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Migrating ScriptRunner from Server/DC to Cloud

Migrating ScriptRunner from Server/DC to Cloud

If you're exploring options for migrating from Server and want to know more about whether Cloud is the right choice for you, what the process might look like, and how ScriptRunner for Jira differs on Cloud, then this webinar is just for you!

In this event we cover:

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    How ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud compares with the Server and Data Center versions

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    Some tools, tips and advice for migrating your scripts to the Cloud

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    How your ScriptRunner usage may impact your migration decision

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Come and talk Cloud with us

Join the ScriptRunner for Jira team and guests to discuss:

  • Migrating apps to cloud
  • Advances in ScriptRunner for Jira’s Cloud capabilities
  • Tools and approaches to make life easier when it comes to migration

The session includes a side-by-side comparison demo of Server and Cloud so you know exactly what to expect ahead of any change. We'll be sharing some brilliant (free) tools which make app migrations quicker and simpler, plus answering some of your questions.

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Event hosts and guests:

Ryan Spilken

Ryan Spilken

Adaptavist Technical Evangelist
Ryan is the host of Adaptavist Live, The Atlassian Ecosystem Podcast, and has been a part of said ecosystem for seven years. When he’s not spreading the good word of Adaptavist, he’s a parent, songwriter, and kimchi fanatic.

Mo Backer

Mo Backer

Product Marketing Manager
Mo is the Product Marketing Manager at Adaptavist for ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud. Prior to joining Adaptavist, Mo was a consultant helping businesses become more efficient and profitable by working with them to transform processes and cultures. He has insights in a number of sectors, ranging from Automotive to Healthcare, helping him empathise with Jira customers and their commercial needs.

Bobby Bailey

Bobby Bailey

Support Engineer
Bobby is a software engineer with over 5 years of experience in developing Service Management and Aviation applications. He is currently helping new and experienced users make the most of ScriptRunner on Jira and Confluence, on both on-prem and cloud. Bobby’s experience of working one-to-one with customers means he has in-depth knowledge of implementing real solutions in ScriptRunner on all hosting types.

Phill Fox

Phill Fox

Principal Customer Success Advocate
With over three decades of experience across a number of different industries Phill frequently works alongside organisations to assist them in making a culture change whilst introducing the Atlassian toolset. Phill wrote the original Atlassian University course ‘Getting started with Jira Service Desk’ and has assisted many organisations with implementations and customisations of the product.