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Migrating ScriptRunner for Jira to Cloud (from Server or Data Center)

Migrating ScriptRunner for Jira to Cloud (from Server or Data Center)

Are you thinking of migrating from ScriptRunner for Jira Server or Data Center to the Cloud version? Would you like to know what you can do on cloud? Or maybe you're unsure how you should go about migrating? Then this webinar is just for you!

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Webinar summary

  • Adaptavist is very well prepared for this transition away from Server.
  • ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud is now 4 years old and a highly capable product.
  • Over 2000 companies already rely upon ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud, including enterprise level customers such as Unilever, Deloitte and MasterCard. It is the go-to solution for Jira Cloud, just as it is on Server / Data Center.
  • 2024 is still a way away: take the time to properly determine the correct next steps for your business.
  • It’s not automatically Cloud for all: Data Center, Cloud or a hybrid solution could be your eventual home.
  • We’re already helping clients migrate to Cloud with instances of up to 10,000 users.
  • Benefits of Cloud: no infrastructure management, no downtime for updates and scalable as your organisation’s needs grow.
  • Potential downsides of Cloud: reduced levels of control and data residency is only available for some product data.
  • Jira Server and Cloud use different APIs so the technical architecture for ScriptRunner is not like-for-like. Despite that, we have purposefully designed the experience and functionality to be very similar, and in some cases significantly improved on Cloud.
  • We’re close to achieving value parity between the two solutions. In other words, you can achieve similar end results.
  • We’ve managed to achieve things that were once thought “impossible” on Cloud such as Scripted Fields and will continue to innovate accordingly.
  • Behaviours is on our roadmap and we hope to release elements of this, step-by-step, taking onboard feedback from our customers as we do so.
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Event hosts and guests:

Ryan Rules

Ryan Rules

Product Manager

Ryan is the Product Manager at Adaptavist for ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud. Prior to joining Adaptavist, he was a Jira administrator responsible for helping over 5,000 of his colleagues globally get the most out of Jira. Ryan is familiar with the pain-points for both Jira admins and end-users, with specific experience in how automation can help everyone.

Bobby Bailey

Bobby Bailey

Support Engineer

Bobby is a software engineer with over 5 years of experience in developing Service Management and Aviation applications. He is currently helping new and experienced users make the most of ScriptRunner on Jira and Confluence, on both on-prem and cloud. Bobby’s experience of working one-to-one with customers means he has in-depth knowledge of implementing real solutions in ScriptRunner on all hosting types.

Mo Backer

Mo Backer

Product Marketing Manager

Mo is the Product Marketing Manager at Adaptavist for ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud. Prior to joining Adaptavist, Mo was a consultant helping businesses become more efficient and profitable by working with them to transform processes and cultures. He has insights in a number of sectors, ranging from Automotive to Healthcare, helping him empathise with Jira customers and their commercial needs.

In this event we cover:

  • How ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud aligns with its Server and Data Center product.

  • The process of going about migrating your scripts to the Cloud.

  • Live examples and use cases.

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