An inside look at a pioneering cloud migration

Arm—the leading global provider of semiconductor IP—have undertaken what's rumoured to be the largest Atlassian Cloud migration to date, with over 10,000 users leaving their on-premise deployment behind. Arm's journey has only recently begun, with more iteration, setbacks, and victories sure to follow.

“Wonderful story and plenty of shared wisdom. Lots learned from the session. Takeaways were very clearly presented.”

-Attendee feedback from Atlassian Remote Summit broadcast

This webinar is a unique opportunity to go behind the scenes, learn from their approach (developed in partnership with Adaptavist and Atlassian), and pose questions to those who are leading the initiative.

What you'll take away

  • An understanding of the business drivers behind large process changes
  • What factors influenced Arm's decision on Cloud as their destination
  • How to uncover the biggest obstacles to Cloud migration
  • How to build consensus and plot the path to take
  • Answers to your burning questions on Atlassian Cloud migration at scale

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