Brought to you by Adaptavist and Slack

Collaboration is the cornerstone of innovation. But it can’t work in isolation collaboration needs to be embedded in business processes, workflows, and activities at every level to truly transform how teams work together. At Adaptavist, we use Slack in tandem with Atlassian tools and key DevOps principles to drive innovation in how we deliver best-in-class products like ScriptRunner to our customers. 

Join us in this webinar, where experts from Slack and Adaptavist will introduce the essential DevOps principles that get quality software delivered quickly, and explore how Slack and Atlassian work together to help Adaptavist simplify work and ship great products.

What you can expect

  • Essential DevOps principles for delivering, operating and maintaining software
  • Learn how Slack and Atlassian work together to speed up and simplify your work
  • Find out how Adaptavist use Slack and Atlassian together to deliver products

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